Visit the parts "cage" in the Epiphone Distribution Center and you will likely find Epiphone Quality Team Leader Jonathan Ogburn. A self proclaimed lover of "organization", Jonathan is the perfect fit for our vast parts department where his duties include keeping the Epiphone, Steinberger and Kramer U.S.A. assembly lines operating and making sure warranty repair parts are readily available to our dealers.

Originally from North Carolina, Jonathan attended Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, Tennessee where he majored in Bible with a specialty in Media Communications. Jonathan offered this insight. "I was originally going to major in Bible and Music but I found out the Music part required that I be able to sing!"

After graduating in 2001, Jonathan and his wife moved to Nashville where he was hired by Epiphone as a guitar inspector. Five months later, his superiors recognized his work ethic and skills and he was able to move into to his current position. Jonathan continued, "I've learned a lot of things here. I know a lot more about guitar construction now and I've also learned that I have a lot to learn about playing guitar! One of the cool things about working here is that there are so many great guitar players!"

In his spare time, Jonathan enjoys working with the youth group at his church and playing in his church's worship band.

People like Jonathan are what make Epiphone the great guitar company it is.