Did you know that every Epiphone guitar goes through a rigorous inspection and set-up before shipping to the dealer! Our dedicated Set Up Technicians make sure that each new Epiphone meets our rigid quality and performance standards or it doesn't go anywhere!

A standout in this department is Epi employee Scott Gillihan. Born in Pennsylvania, Scott grew up in the small town of Desloge, Missouri. After high school he attended the University of Missouri, earning a degree in English and eventually made his way to Nashville to pursue his dream of being a songwriter. Scott elaborates, "I love to write. I haven't written any hit songs... yet, but I do have a couple of CD's of my own material and I also play in local bands, usually laying down the bass line."

Originally hired as a Fork Lift Operator, Scott's technical talents were soon recognized and he was moved to his current position shortly thereafter. Scott adds, "I have learned a great deal about guitars in the past four and a half years here at Epi and I take a lot of pride in my work. I'm also very impressed with my co-workers. Their knowledge of guitars, great attitudes in general and musical talent (me being more of a three chord guy) always astound me and I'm proud to work with them."

People like Scott are what make Epiphone the great guitar company that it is.

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