Tyson Barnaby has been at Epiphone since October of 2000. Originally hired into an entry level position, Epiphone management soon realized that Tyson's work ethic exceeded the norm and in a short period of time, he was moved into a Team Leader position. Today Tyson has a hand in every aspect of day to day operations for one of our Distribution Centers.

Hailing from New Brunswick, Canada, Tyson spent most of his young life engrossed in sports and in particular, hockey. When he was 16, his parents moved to a small community just outside of Nashville, Tennessee. Tyson recalls, "I was a total "jock" when I was a kid and into hockey. When we moved to Tennessee there wasn't exactly a thriving hockey community (laughs) so I had to find other interests. That's when I got hooked on music and in particular, guitar."

After running the gamut of several rock bands during his remaining high school years and a year on the road with an R&B band, he attended Middle Tennessee State University and received training in sound reinforcement. From there he landed a gig with a local production company and eventually went on to start his own sound reinforcement company. Tyson continued, "After a few years of road life, I was ready to stay at home and Epiphone provided me the opportunity to have a regular job while working in an environment that any guitar player would love!"

In his off time, Tyson still enjoys playing guitar. If you're ever in the Nashville area, be sure and check the local club schedule for the funk/metal band Grill Splinter.....Tyson's band. He explains, "This is one of the best bands I've been in and it's a lot of fun. We're somewhere between Primus and Jimmie's Chicken Shack."

Guys like Tyson are what make Epiphone the great guitar company it is!