Epiphone founder, Epaminodous Stathopoulo said, "Great guitars do not just happen". We could not agree more and in the past few years, Epiphone has invested a huge amount of resources to improve the quality of our staff. As a result, today we boast the best trained crew we've ever had and each is dedicated to putting out only the best product!

One of our key team members is guitar inspector, Alan Shipston who came to us in November of 2002. He had this to say, "I started under the tutelage of Mac Garrison, learning more about guitars than I thought there was to learn. Later, opportunities to do artist setups, rebuilds and repairs were presented which also has led into working on special products for the Steinberger and Gibson Lifestyle Divisions."

Born in Hitchin, England (just outside of London) Alan's family emigrated to Canada while he was still young. Music soon became a driving force in Alan's life when he discovered the Beatles and later became influenced by Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones. He eventually went on to tour with Nelson Riddle and the London Symphony Orchestra and in 1983 Alan's country-rock band, Phoenix, signed a record deal with Columbia Records. This dictated a move to Nashville, Tennessee where he owned and operated a recording studio for 15 years and has lived since.

Alan continued, "Being around talented players and craftsmen on a daily basis makes my job very enjoyable. That combined with all the great guitars we make and getting to work on prototypes is very cool."

You can rest assured that with talented people like Alan inspecting for us, your Epi will be in tip top shape by the time it reaches your dealer!