Grammy winning Latin group Los Palominos recently performed a SOLD OUT show in Laredo, Texas with their Epiphone Elitist J-200. With a repertoire of polkas, rancheros, boleros, ballads and cumbias, the Epiphone endorsed Uvalde, Texas based band has crafted very modern-sounding music since 1986 and has gone on to win over 20 Top Tejano Music Awards and earned top selling albums both in the United States and Mexico.

The Four brothers left to right are Jorge Arreola (Bass), James Arreola (Lead Singer/Guitar Player), Johnny Arreola (Accordion) and youngest brother Julio Arreola (Drums).

James says, "I am in awe of my new Epiphone Elitist J-200 and have been a big fan of Gibson /Epiphone for over 10 years. My brother and I are proud to be members of the Gibson Family".

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