It all started Christmas 1997. It was just a normal holiday at the Ross house until 9 year old Julia announced to her sisters Sarah and Amber they were going to start a band. They had been singing together around the house for years, and there was an obvious natural talent among the three sisters. And since that day, the girls of Everlife have worked to develop their passion - writing music, perfecting their instruments, learning harmony and theory and preparing spiritually for the road ahead. When you have a calling, you just have to jump into it full force.

It wasnt long before Everlife's fresh pop/rock sound and natural songwriting talents caught the ear of SHELTERecords. Amber, Sarah and Julia had recently moved to Nashville and quickly they were on the radar of many of the major labels in the area. Their work ethic and passion for ministry couldn't be denied, and were directly in line with how SHELTERecords as a label is structured. It was obviously a perfect fit, and Everlife decided to sign with the label.

Under the guidance of producer Kevan Cyka (Lifehouse, R.E.M., Gin Blossoms, Hillary Duff, Jump 5) and Dan Needham (Stacie Orrico, Steven Curtis Chapman), Everlife is excelling in the studio. Cyka's multi-platinum songwriting/publishing history, combined with Needham's studio prowess has helped create the musical platform of Everlife's message and sound. "We love working with the guys," explains Sarah, "They are a wealth of knowledge and they always know the direction we need to go in before we start working. We are individually finding our strengths while we grow together as a band. It's been a fantastic experience, and even though it's a lot of work, it's been a lot of fun as well."

Recently Everlife stopped by the Epiphone showroom to check out some new Epi's for their Spring tour.

Amber enjoying her new Masterbilt AJ-500R. This guitar won the Guitar Player Editor's Pick Award!

Sarah with a Masterbilt DR-500RA.

Julia gave us a sample of why she is one of the hottest new vocalists in pop music!

Everlife is (LtoR): Julia, Sarah and Amber.

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