Latin recording artist, Alondra recently stopped by the Gibson Beverly Hills Showroom to check out a few guitars...and she was quite taken with the Epiphone Zakk Wylde model!

Currently promoting her new CD "Alondra 2004", she began her career as a teen idol in the early 80's. She later performed in 4 "OTI" contests and was named Billboard's Best New Artist in 1981. She went on to record 6 albums before taking a sabbatical to spend time with her two small children. In 2003, Alondra returned to the recording business with a grupero album which awarded her with a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Grupero Album of the Year, a complete shift from her early pop music years. This year Alondra returns to Pop music with "Alondra 2004" (Universal) which has been projected by many as the upcoming "Best Latin Album of the Year".

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