In the early morning hours of October 1, 2004, two members of the Trailer Park Troubadours band, guitarist “Jetlag Jimmy Jackson” & drummer “Odd Job Bob Aguirre” set out from their trailers in northern California, heading for the City Of Angels, Los Angeles, La La Land, on a mission. After weeks of negotiating (begging), world renowned engineer and producer Mark Needham and legendary Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham agreed (anything to stop the begging) to lay down a few tracks on the latest effort from the Troubs, tentatively titled “TrailerCana.”

Half of the basic tracks on this soon to be platinum (gold? … Ok aluminum) CD were recorded by engineer Will Shanks at Ear To The Ground Studio deep in the mountains of Santa Cruz, California. The studio was perfect for the Troubs project both technically and aesthetically considering the control room is built inside an old Airstream trailer!

EPI: How did you guy’s manage to hook up with Lindsey Buckingham?

ODD JOB BOB: Lindsey and I have been friends since high school. We formed our first band together with Stevie Nicks, called Fritz. I had been wanting to get him involved with the Troubs music for sometime and it all came together timing wise, with him just off of a tour and we had just finished three days of basic tracks on some great new songs.

EPI: How did Mark Needham (Chris Issak, Bruce Hornsby, Paul Simon,The Killers, Cake) become involved?

JET LAG JIMMY: Mark actually called me back in September after crossing paths with a friend of mine, James Dalessandro (author/screenwriter “1906”) at a party in L.A. James had a copy of some guitar/vocal stuff Antsy and I did in San Francisco about two years ago. He gave the CD to Mark with my phone number and Mark liked it enough to give me a call and offer his help in whatever way he could. But seriously, when I realized I had Mark’s phone number on my caller ID, it was all over for the poor guy.

EPI: What's it like when Lindsey plugs in and the red light comes on.

ODD JOB BOB: We were both as giddy as a couple of schoolgirls. Jimmy still is, I’m not kidding. He has a school girl uniform that he claims is for Halloween ... uhh, but I digress.

JET LAG JIMMY: Something very cool was about to happen. You are aware that the song is being keenly listened to and obviously this was not his first Bar-B-Q.

ODD JOB BOB: The saying “The bigger they are, the nicer they are,” doesn't cover it. Lindsey, Mark & Ray Lindsey (Buckingham's right-hand man) were completely kind and generous to a fault.

EPI: Any special moment that sticks out in your minds?

JET LAG JIMMY: I almost got my head stuck in the automatic gate while talking to Jim “Epi” Rosenberg on my cell. Lindsey was in the middle of ripping a solo at the time.

ODD JOB BOB: The look on Lindsey’s face when we presented him with the “Airscreamer." He played it for a while then looked at his son Will and said, "This is a really, really good guitar!"

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