Be watching the shelves at your local music store this October! That's when star of film and stage Maria Conchita Alonso will be releasing her new CD.

First attaining National and International recognition as Miss Teenager of the World in 1971 and then as Miss Venezuela in 1975, Maria since has excelled in both the music and movie industries in Latin America and the USA as a result of her natural beauty and talent.

As an actress, Maria has garnered critical acclaim for her feature roles in films such as, MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON, starring Robin Williams, COLORS, starring Robert Duvall and Sean Penn, THE RUNNING MAN, starring Arnold Schwartzenegger, EXTREME PREJUDICE, with Nick Nolte, THE HOUSE OF SPIRITS featuring Jeremy Irons, VAMPIRES KISS, with Nicolas Cage and many more.

Her music has been recognized worldwide by the music industry with five Gold albums and one Platinum album. She has been awarded 3 Grammy nominations: Best Latin Artist for her "Maria Conchita" album, Best Latin Pop Performance for her single "Orta Mentira Mas" and best Latin Pop Album for "Imaginame".

Maria is currently working on her 12th album, co-writing most of the songs and taking on the additional role of Executive Producer. Scheduled to release in October of 2004, her new music is of different fusions: latin pop, latin hip-hop, latin trip-hop and rock....sure to please an ever broadening fan base.

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