Epiphone Acoustic Product manager Mike Voltz joined by Will Jones, (AKA, Dr. Epiphone) and Epiphone Trade Channel Support reps, Brad White and Scott Riley were overwhelmed by the response of attendees of the 20th annual Chet Atkins Appreciation Society convention in Nashville this month, July 7th through the 10th.

(Epiphone reps l to r: Scott Riley, Mike Voltz, Will Jones and Brad White.)

Hundreds of the best fingerpickers, thumbpickers and "certified guitar players" from around the world converged for four days of workshops, concerts and pickin'. The Gibson Musical Instruments booth caused quite a fuss, especially the Masterbilt acoustics! Folks lined up at times to play the new EF Masterbilt fingerstyle models, especially the all-solid wood EF-500RA with gorgeous abalone inlay ALL OVER the guitar.

(Epiphone Masterbilt EF-500RA in Vintage Sunburst.)

This lovely box barely had a rest on its stand for everyone wanting to try it out. Also getting a lot of attention were the Masterbilt all-solid wood nylon string models, the EN-546CE cutaway electric and the EN-552.

(A CAAS member checks out the Masterbilt EN-552.)

CAAS member Adam Martin told Will "These guitars really give Martin and Taylor a run for their money. Solid woods…a nice case…and the sound is amazing."

(Will Jones goes over some finer points with CAAS member Adam Martin.)

Don't just take the word of some of the most discerning, demanding and knowledgeable guitar players in the world, try one of our Masterbilt acoustics for yourself!

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