Dear Epiphone Customers,

As you may have seen, there have recently been some Internet forum postings about a supposed "Epiphone" LP Custom guitar with a "particle-board" or "pressboard" top. PLEASE UNDERSTAND, the image or images of this guitar in these threads is NOT an Epiphone guitar. While it might have "Epiphone" on the headstock, it is a COUNTERFEIT.

Just last week we were notified that Korean police (as they have done in the past) raided the infamous Nakwon Arcade in Seoul, Korea. This musical instrument mall is notorious for purchasing and selling counterfeit as well as OFF-QUALITY or REJECTED guitars produced by factories in Korea. Because they cannot export them into the USA, Europe, Japan, etc., these factories sell them "out the back-door" within Korea and ultimately, to unsuspecting customers.

Epiphone was and is NOT the only brand being illegally made and sold in Korea. There were other famous guitar brand names seized by the police and facing the same counterfeiting problems.

As a result of this inherent market problem, Epiphone does not currently have nor have we had in the past, an active authorized Korean distributor. We have verified that we have NO RECORD of that guitar with that serial number being sold by our company.

Epiphone does NOT use nor have we EVER used particle board or any other similar materials in our guitars. With 131 years of quality and integrity on the line, there is NO WAY we would put that at risk by using inferior materials.

On several occasions in the past, we have worked closely with the Korean police to locate and identify counterfeiters in Korea. This has led to many guitars being confiscated and in many cases, arrests. While we wish this was not the case and we are doing all we can to stop it, this type of illegal activity is hard to eliminate completely. Therefore, if you do travel to or live in Korea, please understand there is a big risk when purchasing a brand-name guitar or other musical instrument.

If you are purchasing a new Epiphone from an authorized dealer in the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan or other "export" country, rest assured that these are high-quality instruments worthy of the name Epiphone - carrying our limited Lifetime Warranty and backed by the Gibson Musical Instruments.

As a further response to this misinformation, we have "cut-up" an Epiphone Les Paul Custom from our inventory. Theses images are posted below.


Epiphone LP cross-section showing Mahogany Back and Maple Cap.


Back of Headstock with "I" serial number. NOTE: The counterfeit guitar is MISSING one number.


Thank you and if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-444-2766 or email us at

Best Regards, Jim "Epi" Rosenberg
President - Epiphone