When new Rocketown Records' artist Taylor Sorensen refers to common themes such as love, revolution or rock 'n' roll, he has anything but their common definitions in mind. The 23-year-old rock singer cuts through the surface to find the true significance of such often-cheapened words. It is this naïve, unfaltering belief in the timeless that makes his thoroughly modern music stand out to audiences fortunate enough to hear it.

Sorensen's full-length debut, The Overflow (a follow-up to the aptly titled October 2003 EP, The Fill), is an impressive 11-song display of why this Adrian, Michigan native has developed an adoring following. "My music is about love, the love that let the nails go through the hands of Jesus," Sorensen says. "That love applies to a kiss or to serving in an AIDS-stricken country or to playing music. It's a love that makes these things holy, that makes them sacred, that makes them the gospel. It's a love that's revolutionary because the gospel is revolutionary."

Produced by Dave Perkins (Over The Rhine, Chagall Guevara) and the production team of Sam Ashworth, Taylor Harris and Matt Slocum (Sixpence None the Richer), the songs on The Overflow range from the anthemic "Love Somebody Else" to the elegant and emotive grandeur of "Red Fone" to the hook-laden love song, "Upside." Also, Sixpence's Leigh Nash provides guest vocals on "World Keeps on Spinning," a song to encourage the beat-up and downtrodden to keep going because home is just around the corner.

"More than anything, I hope The Overflow spurs anyone who hears it go do something. I'm not naïve enough to believe that's going to happen with everyone. But if this record causes just one person to go shovel the driveway of a disabled neighbor-to go do love-then it's not in vain."

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