Epiphone endorsees Sevendust played Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, October 16th at Buzzfest, a regional music festival at Nashville's premier outdoor venue, Starwood Amphitheater. Nearing the end of their 2004 tour schedule, this night they shared the stage with Velvet Revolver, Saliva and others but stealing the show was definitely the job for our friends in Sevendust. The band kicked a high-energy hard-rockin' set from the first lick to the last and had the crowd rockin' and moshin' with songs from their deadly repertoire. Epiphone's Will Jones was there to chat with guitarist John Connolly and bassist Vince Hornsby after the show regarding their smoking' performance with their Epiphone Signature guitars.

EPI: John, Great show!! You guys kicked major @$$ tonight! Your John Connelly Signature Les Paul looked and sounded awesome.

JOHN: Thanks man, it felt really good tonight and the guitar was right on. I love it. When we first worked this model up with Epi, they told me that it would be everything I wanted, and I couldn't believe that until I got and started playing it. It is truly everything I 've always wanted in a guitar.

EPI: I noticed you playing an Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard Plus on a couple of songs as well.

JOHN: Yeah, you guys sent me that to try and I fell in love with it too. The first time I had it out on stage for a sound check, my sound guy said that the guitar sounded perfect. Your sound man won't bullshit you. If it sucks he'll tell you. The guitar is great, it looks good, sounds good. It reminds me of my old Gibson Les Paul I started with. I enjoy playing it.

EPI: OK, if you're not gonna play your Signature LP on a song; we can't rag you when you play an Elitist.

JOHN: (Laughs)

EPI: Vinnie, how's your Signature Les Paul Bass working for you?

VINNIE: Will, it's great brother. I play that thing night after night. It's consistent and sounds great. Night after night, every show man, it's what I play.

EPI: What's next for you guys?

JOHN: We're about to wrap up our touring for the year and we will be writing for our new record which should be out in the spring.

EPI: What direction do you see the writing going? Classic Sevendust, new direction or a mix?

VINNIE: Well, it's hard to say, until you get into it. I'm sure it will be a solid Sevendust sound, but we will definitely want to expand to where the songs take us. We're looking forward to it.

EPI: You will be playing your Epiphones on it, right?

JOHN: Oh yeah…you know it.

VINNIE: Definitely! What else?

For more information on Sevendust, check out www.Sevendust.com, but for now here's some pic's from the Nashville show.