Southpark creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been a little tied up for the past year! They've been busy creating and filming a new action movie called "Team America World Police" but you won't find the latest tough guy in this film....all the actors are marionette puppets! The team of 22" super-heroes live in Mount Rushmore while battling their nemesis Kim Jong Il as he tries to take over the world. Opening in theatres across America on Friday, October 15th the guys are holding a screening in New York, tonight October 13th where they will give away an autographed Epiphone guitar to a lucky attendee.  FUSE TV will also be giving a signed guitar away on October 14th in conjunction with the movie release. For more information on the movie, visit

Trey Parker signing an Epiphone SG Special.

Matt Stone gives a little guitar face after signing the SG Special.