In March of 2004, we gave you the chance to win a Trailer Park Troubadours prize package. Congratulations to Sam E. of Cincinnati, Ohio who was randomly chosen as our winner. Here is what Sam had to say:

EPI: What instruments do play?

SAM:Violin, various percussion instruments and guitar - I know like, 4 chords.

EPI: How long have you been playing?

SAM: Violin - 6 years, Percussion - 2 years and guitar - not long at all.

EPI: What will you do with your new gear from Epiphone?

SAM: Learn how to play the guitar seriously.

EPI: What do you like best about

SAM: The cool guitars! And winning one isnt too bad :-).

EPI: What do you do for a living?

SAM: Nothing, I am a student.

EPI: Is there anything else you'd like to say?

SAM: Nothing more than this is totally awesome! Sweet guitar, plus a bunch of other awesome stuff! Sweet deal!

Congratulations Sam on your new guitar! And as for the rest of you...what are you waiting for? Click HERE to register for this months giveaway!