The new season of the hit USA Network Original Series Nashville Star begins Saturday, March 6th at 10PM/9C. This years house band features some of the finest players in Nashville and Epiphone is proud to be a huge part of this talented bands arsenal! Imagine having to back 20 different artists, cover styles that range from traditional country to rock-a-billy to rock-and-roll and do it all on LIVE National TV! Talk about a pressure gig! We had the chance to sit in on rehearsals and this band is definitely the band to pull it off. Talent and professionalism runs rampant in this ensemble and you'll want to tune in just to hear them! Here's what they are playing:

John Bohlinger: Epiphone John Lennon Revolution Casino electric, Epiphone DR-350SR acoustic, Epiphone MM-50 mandolin, Gibson USA SG Standard electric, Valley Arts T-Series electric, Gibson Super Goldtone GA-30RVH amplifier.

Pat Severs: Epiphone John Lennon "1965" Casino electric, Epiphone Masterbilt acoustic, Epiphone MB-350 banjo.

Randy Threet: Tobias USA bass.

Jeanni Cioffi: Epiphone Elitist J-200 acoustic, Epiphone MM-50 mandolin.

Carlo Marino: Slingerland USA drum kit.

....and there's some pretty talented contestants as well. After competing in local auditions sponsored by various radio stations around the country contestants moved on to the regional competitions which took place in mid-January in four cities: Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia and Nashville. 20 semi-finalists in all were chosen from these regional competitions, and will perform in front of a national audience on the new season's premiere episode on March 6thth.

At the end of the first show, a panel of judges will select 10 finalists from the group of 20 to move on, and then the television viewing audience will be asked to vote to add an 11th! Each week, the field will be narrowed and in the end, one talented winner will emerge as the newest "Nashville Star" and land a coveted recording contract with Sony Music Nashville.

Don't miss the season premiere of Nashville Star from Nashville, TN, coming Saturday, March 6thth at 10PM/9C, only on the USA Network!


Lead guitarist John Bohlinger shows off part of his Epiphone Arsenal including a Revolution Casino, MM-50 Mandolin and DR-350SR acoustic.


Pat Severs lays down a driving acoustic part on his Epiphone Masterbilt cut-away model.


John rips a solo on his Revolution.


Utility player and background vocalist Jeanni Cioffi with her Elitist J-200.


John with his Epiphone DR-350SR.


Randy Threet lays down the bottom end on his USA Tobias bass.


Rock solid on the Slingerland USA kit is Carlo Marino.


John with his Epiphone MM-50 Mandolin.

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