In July we held a contest to win a prize package that included an Epiphone Broadway archtop guitar, Toby PRO-6 Bass, and lot's of other cool stuff from AKG, Duke Robillard and Nick Colionne. After receiving thousands on entries, Rob A. of Aston, Pennsylvania was randomly chosen as our winner! Here's what Rob had to say:

EPI: Tell us a little about yourself. What instruments do you play?

ROB: Guitar, Bass & Drums.

EPI: How long have you been playing guitar?

ROB: About 30 years.

EPI: What will you do with your new gear from Epiphone?

ROB: An awesome new guitar and bass sounds like a great excuse to dust off my home studio to write & record a new project!

EPI: What do you like best about

ROB: Getting a friendly email every so often, reminding me to go drool over the Casinos.

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EPI: What do you do for a living?

ROB: My boss says if you can figure that out, call and clue him in!

EPI: Is there anything else you'd like to say?

ROB: Epiphones have always been great guitars! You guys should think about re-issuing the 1965 era Epiphone Wilshire. I had one until it was stolen in the late 80's. With out a doubt, it was one of the best guitars I had ever owned! {Jimi Hendrix thought so too}. Now you have to mortgage your house to get one.I am absolutely besides myself. I never win anything, let alone something I really like! Thanks!

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