In June we held a contest to win the all new Epiphone Valve Junior. Rodger T. of Great Mills, Maryland was randomly chosen as our winner. Here's what Rodger had to say:

EPI: What instrument(s) do you play?

RODGER: I play Bass, Mountain Dulcimer, Flute and Saxophone.

EPI: How long have you been playing?

RODGER: Woodwinds for about 30 years, bass and dulcimer 3 years.

EPI: What will you do with your new gear from Epiphone?

RODGER: Use it while learning to play slide guitar.

EPI: What do you do for a living?

RODGER: I am a Draftsman/graphic artist.

EPI: Is there anything else you'd like to say?

RODGER: My main guitar is an Allen Woody Rumblekat bass which has a fit and finish that can't be beat. I can't wait to have an amp put out by the same people to aid me as I venture into the world of six string slide playing.

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