Will Jones, aka, Dr. Epiphone has just returned from another tour of Japan. The doctor played shows and spread Epi-knowledge at the Tokyo Guitar Show, as well as at The Ishibashi Shibuya and Ikebe Ikebukuro with the Dr. Epiphone Band. Will also traveled to Osaka for a special concert and seminar for the student body of CAT Music School. “The school was beautiful and so impressive!” -remarked Dr. Epiphone. “The students are so incredibly gifted and hungry for knowledge. They were a joy to be around!” Will and the Dr. Epiphone Band were joined onstage by several guest guitarist CAT students, all taking turns shredding on Elitist Les Pauls!

Will presents a lucky winner with a DR-200 at Ishibashi.

Will and Juichi of Dust 'N Bonez keepin' it real at the 4th annual Tokyo Guitar Show.

Will and a famous “Buddy” at the Tokyo Guitar Show.

The Paul McCartney Texan was the star of the Tokyo Guitar Show.

CAT Music School, Osaka, Japan.

The Dr. Epiphone band performs at CAT.


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