Bizarre Guitar originally opened in the Sun Valley area of Reno, Nevada in 1974 and moved to its current location in ’78. The store has always specialized in vintage as well as new instruments and with over 200 Les Paul’s by Epiphone and our brothers next door at Gibson, Bizarre is definitely LP heaven. While their electric selection is impressive, they also do a healthy acoustic business, including nylon-string guitars, as there is a substantial Flamenco scene in “the biggest little city in America”.

Store manager Glenn Lemon has been with the store since 1996, but like many of their regular customers, Glenn grew up with Bizarre Guitar. Glenn had this to say, “I’d been coming here since I was a kid with my dad who was a friend of Greg Golden, the owner. One day I came in and asked if they were hiring and was hired on the spot. Greg is a great boss who has a friendship relationship with his employees and he is a hard worker who has been building this business since 1974."

Bizarre caters to all levels of players but has a healthy dose of traffic from some pretty well know players. Glenn continued, "Working here can be kind of surreal sometimes when you're waiting on Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, and guys like that. I sold an electric drum kit to John Denver a month before he died…he was really a nice guy. Van Halen’s been through, lots of punk’s been cool. We have a lot of collectors that stop in as well. Being a guitar collector can be a bit hazardous! I have guys come in and buy stuff under death threats from their wives quite often!"

The Epiphone line has been a big part of Bizarre's success and Glen is particularly excited about the new Masterbilt line of acoustics. "The Masterbilt guitars are really well-made…great materials, impeccable workmanship, fine quality finishes…and the cases are a big plus too. The built-in hygrometer is crucial here in Nevada, as the air can get so dry. The Epiphone SG’s have been really hot here lately also…best bang for the buck…you won’t find a better value than an Epi G400

Bizarre has a great selection of Epi electrics.

Bizarre does a healthy amount of acoustic business, including nylon strings.

Bizarre caters to all levels and ages of players.

Will Jones presents the Featured Dealer Award to Bizarre staff, (Glenn Lemon right)

Contact Bizarre Guitar at:

Bizarre Guitar
2677 Oddie Blvd.
Reno, Nevada 89512


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