Guitar Showcase in San Jose, California was originally called Eastman Studios when it was founded in 1965 by Bud Eastman and Gary and Barry Wineroth. When Bud left the business to start Guitar Player Magazine, Gary and Barry changed the name of the store to Guitar Showcase and began specializing in guitars and amplifiers, eventually moving the store to it's present location on South Bascom Ave.

Since that time the store has grown into a thriving music store that also includes Showcase Music Institute, a music school and teaching facilty that focuses on hands-on workshops and introducing students to the art of public performance.

Guitar Department manger, Terry Allen sings the praises of Epiphone. “We just had our best year with Epiphone products and the quality and workmanship are the best I've seen. Our customers absolutely love Epiphone .”

The thriving store is also home to Showcase Music Institute.

A wall of Epiphone guitars waiting for you!

Epi representative Will Jones presents Terry Allen (right) the Featured Dealer trophy.

Contact Guitar Showcase at:

Guitar Showcase
3090 So. Bascom Ave.
San Jose, CA. 95124


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