Staff members of The String Shoppe in Columbus, Ohio.

The String Shoppe in Columbus, Ohio has been in business since 1969. Originally located in Delaware, Ohio, owner Gary Wolf eventually moved the store to Columbus where it is now located, across the street from Ohio State University. As you would guess, many of String Shoppe's customers are students but they also have a large customer base of seasoned musicians and have a significant lessons program as well.

Gary had this to say, "Lessons have always been a part of what we do. In the early days, my first income was generated from giving guitar lessons. The funny thing is that I was giving beginner lessons while I was taking beginner lessons! That meant I had to stay at least one week ahead of my best student! Now days we require our teachers to be playing guitar longer than three weeks before they teach for us!”

Gary continued, "We love Epiphone because it's the best quality instrument we can offer for the price, and comes with a great warranty. We have customers who own both Epiphone and Gibson guitars that speak very highly about their Epi’s... as they do their Gibson’s, and that’s the truth! The new Masterbilts are phenomenal! The only problem we have seen is that they are killing sales of higher-end acoustics! People come in looking for Taylors and leave with an Epiphone Masterbilt."

Gary Wolf accepts the Featured Dealer Award.


The String Shoppe
1710 N. High St.
Columbus, OH. 43201
(614) 294-5296


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