The Tokyo-based, International rock sensation known as the band Guitar Wolf played/ravaged Nashville, Tennessee on March 24th at the Exit/In. What a wild-ass #%&*@~! Show!!! Seiji and the boys really kicked the crowd’s collective butt with raunchy guitar riffs and screaming vocals! There was more attitude than should be allowed on stage!

Delicately and deliberately bordering on tongue-in-cheek-cliché, Guitar Wolf spray'd the audience with nasty guitar solos and glam poses like a high-pressure hose on a riot-mob. And, with plenty of moshing, pushing, and shoving from the fans, everybody was part of the show.

Seiji played his Epiphone Signature Guitar Wolf G-310, which Epi's Will Jones (aka Dr Epiphone) got to examine before the show. “I was amazed at how beat all to hell it was since I saw it in early December in Tokyo. Seiji showed me where he had broken the neck in Seattle during the tour and had it fixed. It looks like we may need to send him a new one real soon! Despite all the damage however, the axe still sounded fantastic, and Seiji played only that guitar throughout the entire show.

After the show, Seiji lovingly nursed his bruised G-310 like an exhausted race horse, a champion, for sure. It was indeed a party to remember, if you CAN remember it!


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