In July we held a contest to win an autographed Tony Iommi Signature G-400. After receiving over 60,000 entries, Kevin O. of Little Silver, New Jersey was randomly chosen as our lucky winner. Kevin was pretty excited to win! Here's what he had to say:

"WHOA ! DOG MY CAT ! RAISE MY RENT ! SHAZZAM! I'm blown away. I'm a middle-aged guy with a wife and two sons and we all love music - blues, rock, jazz, classical, gospel, bluegrass. Along the Jersey shore, where we live (next town from Bruce, and next town from the legendary Count Basie Theater), there are tons of good tunes. One son is a drummer. The other plays bass (upright and electric), piano, and trombone. I am a beginning guitar player (again), as I was actually better when I was younger. Then I broke my hand in a rugby game. I had a good buddy years ago who swore by Epiphone, as the axe to have. I plan to learn to PLAY that sucker, instead of being a wannabe. I love the Epiphone site. Beautiful instruments and beautiful people - what is not to like ? In my day job, I manage facilities for the US Navy, and I'm a retired Marine. All I can say is Epiphone ROCKS, and I'm doing flips while I send this reply. Look out Les Paul ! :-) Excuse me, while I go pinch myself. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU !  All the best, Kevin."

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