Epiphone endorsee Nick Colionne recently dropped by J Guitar & Music in Park Ridge, Illinois for a clinic. Here's what Jerry Percak had to say about this event that took place at his store:

I knew that Nick Colionne was a great player, hearing him often on local jazz station WNUA, and checking out his CD but I was pleasantly surprised by his ability to host an excellent clinic. It's one thing to be able to play well but quite another to be able to convey those techniques and dedication so eloquently and Nick was able to do so very well.

Nick diggin' Luke Kapolneks version of "Christmas Song"!

The clinic started with Nick playing a few tunes, and then he invited some of the younger students to the stage. First up was Luke Kapolnek, a ten-year old student of mine. For Christmas, Luke and I had recorded the "Christmas Song" and burned a CD to give to his father. When Nick called Luke up, he walked confidently to the stage, picked up Nick's Epiphone Broadway, and played the song flawlessly. You can tell from the expression on Nick's face that he was impressed.

Nathan Kossnar and Peter Knudsen jam while Nick checks it out.

Nick interacting with Rich Romanowski.

Nick jams with John Glines.

Nick poses with some happy, young guitar players!.

Over twelve kids were invited to play. Nick had insightful suggestions for each, and played along with several of the kids. I think they will not soon forget the thrill of being on stage with Nick Colionne. Nick was kind and supportive to all the kids, even young Mary who had begun lessons only three weeks before. He has a magnetic personality which drew kids up to play.

During a short break, Nick signed copies of his CD for anyone who asked. He was gracious to all. Nick stressed the importance of getting a good education, regardless of how good one may play the guitar. "You won't make much money if you don't know how to count it."

Nick is joined by Tom Crivellone of Two For The Blues.

Joining Nick on stage next was Tom Crivellone, frontman for Two for the Blues. The two of them tore it up. They were soon joined by Les Csuk, and Joe Brown. Les is another local guitar slinger who can really smoke. Joe brown plays saxophone and flute in Tom's band.

L to R: Joe Brown, Tom Crivellone, Nick and Les Csuk.

Nick and guitarist Les Csuk wow the audience.

Hearing them all play together truly reinforced Nick's idea of how to play in a group, and how to listen to the other players. It was not just taking turns, but finding the spaces to fit in. Nick is a generous player, as are Tom and Les, so it made for some awesome music.

I have never been to a clinic and left so inspired. I had the parents of four different kids make a special trip to the store to thank me for having Nick. It was indeed my pleasure. I would recommend any store which carries Epiphone to have Nick conduct a clinic. This is a Don't Miss event.

Jerry Percak
J Guitar & Music
130 Euclid Avenue
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068

(847) 692-6021

Jerry Percak of J Guitar with Nick.

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