Celebrated Texas artist Robert Tatum recently displayed a series of Epiphone DR-200’s and Masterbilt EF-500RA’s at the Medusa Lounge in San Antonio, Texas. The show is part of the “Tatum on Epiphone by Gibson” art tour sponsored by Camel Cigarettes and has scheduled stops in Austin, Houston and Dallas after the two week showing in San Antonio.

The curve of a fine instrument is often compared to the silhouette of a beautiful woman lying in repose, and each of Robert Tatum's Limited Edition Epiphone guitars exploits that sensuality to full effect. Born in Los Angeles and based in Texas for well over a decade, Tatum is a prolific painter, widely known for melding fine and folk art traditions to create iconic images that are at once hip and contemporary yet ultimately timeless in their aesthetic appeal. Richly layered- both technically and symbolically- Tatum draws inspiration from the rich and diverse cultural heritage of his surroundings and injects it into his work. From a highly stylized portrait of country legend Johnny Cash to a serene rendering of Frida Kahlo dressed as Mexican folk hero Emilio Zapata, the art Tatum chose for his Gibson Series can speak to any viewer- and in any language.


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