Be sure and check out the October 2005 (Vol. 19 No.12) issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine! Bob Dragich reviews the new Epiphone Valve Junior and Valve Special amplifiers on page 172. Here's a sneak peek at what Bob had to say:

"...The Power Transformer, mounted to the bottom of the chassis to assist cooling, looked large enough to power a 30-watt amp without working up a sweat."

" A chord was struck. Wait a minute, what's this? Smooth distortion... super-clear note definition? Let me try that again. E chord. Decent low-end response. This can't be. A quick Freddy King solo. Nice sustain on the notes. Turn up the volume, more grind. Turn it down, nice warm jazzy sounds from the neck pickup. What's the list price? $199? They sent the wrong amp!"

"Both amps exhibit a surprisingly good sound quality considering their prices, and the same would be true if they each cost twice as much."

"...if you have a solidstate practice amp shoved under the desk in your home office, it's time to call the recycler."

"...because of the variety of distortion levels available at low volume and their great note definition, these would both make great home recording amps."

"Buy one before someone in the accounting department at Epiphone comes to their senses."


To download the entire review (PDF) CLICK HERE.


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