Will Jones, better known as Dr. Epiphone, has been sending shock waves through Tokyo this past week. His crowning achievement was his two performances at the Yamano Music Guitar Spot in Kawasaki on March 6th, 2005. He performed a few covers from artists like Elvis and the Rolling Stones as well as a few of his own songs playing an Epiphone Masterbilt AJ-500R. He performed two sets and played about 4 songs each time. At each performance there was a new crowd of music lovers both young and old. Will performed with great enthusiasm that excited the audience and everyone seemed to be having a great time. He gave away two, Epiphone AJ-100 TL’s after each performance by playing "Janken" or "Paper Rock Scissors" with the crowd. Everyone participated and in the end everyone walked away with a Dr. Epiphone cellphone charm. Will made a clear connection with the crowd that day with many of the people sticking around to get his autograph or a picture with him. Will said that one lady even walked up to him and said "I will be buying an Epiphone Guitar now."

Will also played two shows the day before, one at the big new Ishibashi store in Shibuya to an enthusiastic crowd and also a full stage show with the “Dr. Epiphone Band” at Ikebe-Gakki Ikebukuro, which bordered on out-of-control! That show was held in the beautiful Oue Memorial Performance Hall. Again, at both shows, Will rocked the house and then gave the crowd Dr. Epiphone cellphone charms and had two lucky guitar winners who demanded he autograph their new Epiphone guitars!

Will's Japan tour was also covered by the local media as, Music Air TV and Monthly Gekkayo Magazine with local artists, Tokiyo Suzuki and Jun Morioka.

Will rocks out with band on a Masterbilt DR-500RA at Ikebe-Gakki Ikebukuro.

Will with a Masterbilt AJ-500R the new Ishibashi store in Shibuya.

The crowd was very receptive to Dr. Epiphone.

Audience members trying to win an Epiphone guitar via "Janken" or "Paper Rock Scissors".

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