Hyundai just released a new commercial once again featuring Epi's Jessica Frech. Jessica wrote and directed the Sonata featurette, "Just Listen," and it's chock full of her stash of Epi guitars including an Emperor Swingster Royale and her Masterbilt EF-500RCCE.

Jessica is working on her debut album this winter and we'll have the scoop. She told Epiphone recently that she has lot of ideas and can't wait to get into the studio. 

"I do keep an 'idea journal' with me. I didn't start doing that until my first songwriting class at Belmont, but I've found it to be helpful," said Frech. "Before then, I would just text myself ideas or lines that popped into my head throughout the day. Filtering through an idea journal has been much easier than filtering through a million texts."

Stay tuned.