Check out the fantastic Pro Review of the new Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III by Jon Chappell. Jon goes in depth into every facet of the LP Ultra III and gives it a Grade A+

"Epiphone has taken great care to tuck all the tech discreetly in and amongst the existing controls of what appears to be a straight-on Les Paul. It’s only when you pick up the instrument and look really closely do you see where the innovations have been implemented."

We're especially pleased that Jon loved the Ultra III since all of us at Epiphone are well aware of his reputation in the industry as an editor, writer, reviewer, and musician who takes his profession--and his music--seriously.

"Epiphone is more than just the frugal-man’s Gibson
. Epi has established its own groove and momentum with the successful models it has launched in the past. One of those is the Les Paul Ultra series, with its lightweight chambered body, high-tech electronics, progressive design elements, and gorgeous good looks. I get the biggest kick out of handing the Ultra-III to friends and wait to see how it takes them to spot the innovations."

Check one out today while there's still time!