Abbey Road, the Plug In

The 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief will be broadcast live from Madison Square Garden starting next Wednesday at 7:30 EST. “The fact that so many major media companies are joining forces to distribute and stream this important event to homes worldwide will enable us to create a tremendous and unprecedented fundraising effort on a global scale to benefit the victims of this devastating storm,” announced promoters James Dolan, John Sykes and producer Harvey Weinstein.

So far the line up includes our own Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam, Roger Waters of Pink Flloyd, and The Who. Not a bad group really. Read more about how to watch or tune in to the broadcast here.v

Abbey Road, the Plug InFor those of you (as in most of us) who won't be attending the concert at Madison Square but will instead be at home recording with their Epiphones, Waves Audio had made your analog dreams come true. The digital pro audio experts have teamed up with Abbey Road Studios to make the REDD Console Plug Ins, a recreation of The Beatles mixing board at Abbey Road.

REDD stands for the Record Engineering Development Department (of Abbey Road), the tube mixing board used on virtually every Beatles album. The new plug ins are exact copies of both the surviving original Abbey Road desk and another similar desk owned by Lenny Kravitz which was also in use by The Beatles in the ‘60s.

By using the few examples left over and studying the original schematics and design notes from the archives I believe Waves and Abbey Road have revived an important part of musical history that will enable producers of all generations to discover and fall in love with the lost sound of REDD," announced Abbey Road’s Head of Audio.

Now you can use your Ultra III to plug right into the desk just as John, Paul, and George did for their blazing take of "Revolution." Need we say check it out?