The Black Royale Collection is getting rave reviews everywhere. On Thursday, we told about SPIN magazine getting the fever.  Not it's Rolling Stone's turn.  Check out the Rolling Stone 2012 Holiday Gift Guide which features our Black Royale Limited Edition Riviera Custom P93 electric, one of the coolest modern designs anywhere and certainly one of the most versatile guitars a player could hope for. 

Looking for single coil pickups that actually have tone? Look no further. Read more about this fabulous guitar and how to make the most of those three P90s here.

If you haven't had a chance to try out all the killer tones you can get from the combination of three P-90s and a lightweight, easy-fit thinline archtop, you're in for a treat. To get a little idea of what you're missing, take a look at this fantastic clip of T-Bone Walker from Jazz at the Philharmonic in 1966 (with Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet).  Though T-Bone's vintage Kalamazoo-made ES-5 archtop is pushing a bit more air, that killer tone he's got can be found in the modern Riviera Custom P93.  It's all in your fingers and the pickups. (Being T-Bone Walker helps a bit, too of course) 

And as for the grit and growl you hear in P-90s guitars like Casinos and early Les Pauls, those tones  can be found in a Riviera Custom P93 as well. They're just waiting to be called out.