Gary Clark Jr. Wows LA TroubadourThough we're not surprised to hear that Gary Clark Jr. thrilled the audience at his residency at the legendary Troubadour in Los Angeles, it's great to see the mainstream press--once again--falling over themselves to praise their "new" discovery even though he's been in plain site right here on for a long while.

The rock press takes whatever they are fed. And now, for the first time since probably The White Stripes, they're seeing an American artist with a vision and the goods to go along with it.

"Anyone who believes that rock and roll is dead would have gotten a defibrillator shock at Gary Clark Jr.’s Troubadour set Tuesday," wrote August Brown of the Los Angeles Times.

"The two-hour show revalidated the idea that an inspired guitar, bass and drums combo on a small stage can still be more overpowering live than pummeling dance beats and a hundred-foot LED wall. The 28-year-old Austin, Texas, singer-guitarist is perhaps the most exciting blues-based instrumentalist to emerge since Jack White. His sound culls from a century of American guitar music, performed with a panache that’s wholly contemporary.

Gary's album is getting great reviews (and we love it, too) though his in-concert appearances are really driving home the notion that Gary is the new great artist and guitarist of our times. And he's getting it done with the humble and very historic Casino. Keep your eyes peeled for our exclusive interview, coming soon.