If you haven't already (we know how enterprising Beatle fans can be), check out the recent interview with Olivia Harrison and producer Giles Martin in Spinner where they talk in-depth about George's recent collection of unreleased tracks, his working habits in the studio and his love for The Beatles and the Traveling Wilburys. "He loved being a collaborator and loved not having to do all the work himself," said Olivia. "I think that was the main thing. And he could hang out; he liked to hang out. He didn't always have guys and musicians to hang out with. He missed that."

Olivia Harrison also said there are many tape boxes of finished and unfinished songs and that George's trust in his former bandmates has made her wonder if one of them might be a good candidate for collaboration with Paul McCartney. "There is some more material. There may be a minute of something he was writing and it will never be finished. I had an idea of giving unfinished songs to different people, giving one to Paul, maybe." Right on.

2012 marks the 50th anniversary of two very famous and much-loved Beatle guitars shipping from Kalamazoo. The first is John and George's favorite acoustic, which is honored by the Epiphone EJ-160. John and George's original appeared on every Beatle album (the only one to do so). John and George purchased their acoustic guitars the same day in London and quickly put them to use at a session for "Love Me Do," their first single. And, this October marks the 50th anniversary of Paul McCartney's Casino getting its final inspection before getting shipped from Michigan to London, England, where Paul would purchase it new in December, 1964.