Jack CasadyFlyGuitars.com has a wonderful in-depth interview with Epiphone's Jack Casady about his deep involvement in creating the Epiphone Jack Casady Signature bass, his inspiration for the pickups, body, and bridge, and why a range of pro bassists--including Chris Donohue of Emmylou Harris' Red Dirt Boys, Joe Bonamassa studio bassist Michael Rhodes, and Brian Ray, guitarist and bassist for Paul McCartney, think the Epiphone Jack Casady model is boss. Casady's radical re-imagining of what an electric bass could sound like made a huge impression on the industry and more and more players from all genres are turning to Casady's signature model for live gigs, studio work, and fun.

"My primary instrument is the one that I get the most variety of tone out of, The Epiphone JC bass. That's the one that I strive to use the most," said Casady. "And it's an instrument that I want to play, I pick it up and I'm always happy with the way it sounds. It's a great bass!"

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