Wanna-be lead singers and honky tonk rockers be warned: the grand lion of country rock, Jason Ringenberg, is still out there (here on his AJ-220SCE) and there's lots of good stuff on the way for 2013. Pity the fool that has to follow his leaping, prowling, 6 ft 3" frame, especially if he's backed by The Scorchers, who still play like the world will never see daylight again.

Lately, Jason has been hitting on all cylinders with the Scorchers, performing solo, and as Farmer Jason, the Emmy award winning kids rocker who is slyly raising a new generation to appreciate farming, nature, wildlife, and the cathartic release of tearing a stage to splinters.

Look for an interview with Jason in the very near future. And if you need a dose of guitar driven rock and roll, see Jason in concert soon. It's performances like the one below that put Jason and the Scorchers in Rolling Stone's Top 50 live Concert Bootlegs in Rock and Roll History.