Jessica Frech and Little Jimmie Dickens in The Nashville Scene - People IssueCongratulations to our own Jessica Frech for her feature in the Nashville Scene’s People Issue. The Nashville Scene is one of the best independent newspapers in the U.S. and as you might expect, its music writers are probably more up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of recording and rising stars than any other paper in the U.S.

There are some great photos as well as an interview with Jessica on the origins of the "People of Wal Mart" song and her future plans.  Our favorite has to be the cover featuring Jess with Grand Ole Opry star (and close friend of Hank Sr.) Little Jimmie Dickens.  But the one with Jessica and hundreds of falling Wal Mart bags is pretty cool, too. Check it out and way to go Jessica!

Jessica Frech