KISS the Casablanca Years

Here’s a good look at the KISS Casablanca Singles Box set which is coming out on a box set of 29 cds or 7” vinyl. “Even I haven’t heard some of this stuff, but this is all part of our master plan to celebrate Kiss at this milestone in our careers,” says Gene Simmons. “This box set represents us at the very beginning of our career, and documents the band’s early success and subsequent growth.”

Both sets include the 29 re-mastered singles including a color mask of each band member. Each also includes collectable picture sleeves from the original release. Look for are exclusive interview with Spaceman Tommy Thayersoon. Tommy has been part of KISS as a writer, guitarist, and video editor since the mid ‘80s. Observant fans also know Epiphone and Tommy have some very big news coming soon.