Machine Head are giving fans the chance to write the band's set list for the Bloodstock Open Air festival in August.  Fans can vote for five songs from Machine Head's debut, Burn My Eyes, to add to the band's set list. Check it out. The show coincides with Machine Head's 20th anniversary which took place at their roadie's getting-evicted-house-party. (Now that's something we would have liked to have attended!)

"Anyone that’s ever witnessed Machine Head live will attest to the fact that the raw, unbridled energy of their performance is unlike anything else you’ll ever see," announced the band on their website. "With countless legendary UK performances already on record, and a first-ever fan-influenced setlist, it goes without saying that Machine Head’s headline set at Bloodstock Open Air 2012 is going to go down in metal history as one of those festival performances that you’ll forever be glad you got to see." Any questions?

Machine Head will film a new video for "Darkness Within" in the Czech Republic later this month. Stay tuned and don't forget to add the Epiphone Robb Flynn Love/Death Baritone Flying V to your arsenal.