Making the Most of Your P93 Riviera
At Epiphone, we naturally love all of our instruments because 1) we make them and 2) they rock. But even though we're surrounded by stringed instruments all day long, we can't help but sigh a little when we open a guitar case and see a Riviera Custom P93.  Especially in a Wine Red color finish and gold Bigsby. It can't be beat. 

For those fans who are aware of the rich history of P-90s and archtops from Epiphone and Gibson, the Riviera Custom P93 makes perfect sense. It has its roots in classics like the ES-5 and ES-5 Switchmaster.

But if you haven't had a chance to try out all the killer tones you can get from the combination of three P-90s and a lightweight, easy-fit thinline archtop, you're in for a treat. To get a little idea of what you're missing, take a look at this fantastic clip of T-Bone Walker from Jazz at the Philharmonic in 1966 (with Dizzy Gillespie on trumpet).  Though T-Bone's vintage Kalamazoo-made ES-5 archtop is pushing a bit more air, that killer tone he's got can be found in the modern Riviera Custom P93.  It's all in your fingers and the pickups. (Being T-Bone Walker helps a bit, too of course) 

And as for the grit and growl you hear in P-90s guitars like Casinos and early Les Pauls, those tones  can be found in a Riviera Custom P93 as well. They're just waiting to be called out. Of course with a P93, you get THREE P-90s. It almost seems unfair, doesn't it?

And if Wine Red doesn't go with your outfit, try the P93 in Black Pearl metallic finish from the Black Royale Collection or Pearl White in the Royale Collection.