McCartney Talks With David FrostDon't miss Paul McCartney's hour long chat with David Frost, Frost All Over the World, where Paul goes in-depth about what made the Beatles work.

"John and I wrote together something like 300 songs, just short of 300. We would meet up, sit down to write and three hours later we would have a song. And never never did we have a dry session,” said McCartney.

“I'd write something like "Eleanor Rigby." And I didn't have the last verse or something. But I knew how the song went. So I'd take it to him and say, 'OK, here's how it goes. What do you think?' And it was a great way to work. And I valued his opinion greatly as he valued mine.”

Paul is currently working on new material for a new album for 2013.  We can't wait.