Nick Colionne and his Epiphone ES-345
Nick Colionne at the Prairie Arts Center for the Arts with his Epiphone ES-345.

Epiphone artist Nick Colionne performed to a packed house at the Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg, Illinois Sunday night. Combining jazz, R&B, blues and funk, Nick has an unmistakable sound and vibe that is instantly recognizable. And as for his showmanship... well, you just have to experience a Nick Colionne show for yourself. With style and energy to spare, unparalleled musicianship and a natural comedic flair, he is one of a kind. One of the highlights of the evening was when Nick brought Chris Jones on stage. Nick mentored Chris years ago who was quoted as saying, "I just want to play with you someday." As you can tell from the photo below, Chris got his wish. And from the smile on Nick's face, we'd say the mentor was very pleased.

Chris Jones and his Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II Chris Jones (left with Joe Pass Emperor II) and Nick Colionne.

Photos: Paula Manayan