Old 97's Rev Up the EngineThe Old 97s, who have played many Epiphones along the way during their years together, finished their fall to tour in Nashville recently celebrating the 15th anniversary of Too Far to Care, their classic LP from 1997 at the height of excitement over alt-country.  And they rocked.  Back when Too Far to Care was recorded, the fellows had the full backing of major label Elecktra Records.  Those were the days, recalled Rhett Miller to American Songwriter.

“The Old 97’s got super lucky. We were able to make the kind of music we wanted to make, and we still got to have $300,000 recording budgets. We kinda had the best of both worlds.” Such a budget today is the stuff of dreams for most bands who record albums for around $5000 or less.

The remastered version of the album is out now.  Look for a new album for 2013. The fellows are headed down to Austin, Texas to start this winter.  "The best way for us to try out new material is on the stage." And for those who saw the tour, they got a few sneak peeks. We look forward to next year.