Remembering Hendrix Today would have been Jimi Hendrix’s 70th birthday and Hendrix (and Epiphone) fans should check out the new collection of unreleased tracks from 1968-69 engineered, mixed, and compiled by Hendrix’s right-hand-man in the studio, Eddie Kramer.  The album, People, Hell, and Angels--a title that Hendrix promoted for the collection--will be out next spring and feature’s Hendrix’s first songs cut at his new studio in New York City, Electric Ladyland, much of them with his brand new Flying V.

“It’s a fantastic window into Jimi’s mind," recalls Kramer, “putting bands together that were different than the Experience. In '68 and '69, Jimi was in the studio constantly. His whole life was in the studio."

Watch this great clip where Eddie takes you through some highlights, including “Somewhere” with Stephen Stills on bass. “Jimi’s vocal encapsulates this lovely softeness in his voice." And no matter what he's plaing, Hendrix's killer tone comes through.