Slash - Apocalyptic LoveSlash's new single, “You’re A Lie”, from his forthcoming album, Apocalyptic Love is officially last week’s #1 most-added song on active rock radio stations across the United States. Get a sneak peak below and stand by for Slash dates with Ozzy & Friends to be announced soon.

Slash told the Australian during a recent press tour in Sydney that he misses the era of the guitar player. "There's a lot fewer lead guitarists now than when I first started," said Slash. "The guitar solo has really gone out of vogue. Nowadays there are lots of shredders - super fast players - who are in their own way, sort of faceless."

Slash also loves being a Dad--albeit a rock star Dad--and feels he's lucky to have survived the heady days of Guns N' Roses, who will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next month.

"I don't know why (I'm still alive) - maybe I'm just lucky," said Slash. "I wouldn't say it's divine intervention. I'm not a real religious person. But for some reason, I'm still here. I don't really know how that works."