Epiphone's My Chemical Romance have sold out of their Conventional Weapons box set featuring 10 recently released songs from 2008. But the individual singles are still available.  Frank Iero wrote about the sessions on MCR's website.

After almost a year of beating ourselves up, we ended up shelving those ill-fated songs, and reconnected with Rob Cavallo and Doug McKean to salvage our band and make what would become Danger Days.
To kill the misconception, I don't think the songs we wrote before Danger Days are bad songs by any means. In fact, I kinda think some of them are among my favorites we have ever written. A lot of them are kinda (expletive) rad....they just so happened to have been created in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and we as their parents were not ready to raise them just yet...and so they sat and waited

The next two songs from Danger Days will be released November 23, "Black Friday," which will be an especially good day for vinyl collectors. Independent music stores will be chock full of goodies including Gary Clark Jr., the Rolling Stones, and MCR.  Look for the rest of the songs in mid December, early January, and early February.

When that's all done and dusted, Frank Iero and the fellows will be releasing a brand new album. Check out our exclusive interview with Frank.  And if you haven't already, pick up a Phant-o-matic, one of the coolest guitars out there (and a great deal, too) featuring Alnico Classic™ humbuckers, a VariTone™ and Wilkinson™ vintage style with green keys.  Approved by Frank and designed by Frank.