The Gift of The JamCheck out the latest Mojo magazine for an in-depth interview with Epiphone's Paul Weller as well as the members of The Jam about their last studio album, The Gift, and their farewell concerts.

"Sometimes you've got to be pretentious to go forward," said Weller recalling the end of The Jam and the beginning of The Style Council, which recast Weller as a devoted (and quite cool) R&B vocalist.

Today, Weller manages to evoke both The Jam, The Style Council, and a bit of BritPop as well into something very new and cool.  When he's not rocking out on his vintage Casino or the SG he used to record "Start!" with The Jam, Weller is using a Coronet style electric made by Epiphone in the '50s and '60s exclusively for Sonny Shields Music in East St Louis, Illinois, owned by Mr Charles “Dwight” Shields.