Tommy Thayer Rocks KISS Kruise II With Epiphone

KISS have just wrapped up the KISS Kruise II and from all indications, the party was the best ever! If you missed it, here's a view from the front row. This fan-recorded video shows Tommy Thayer's upcoming Epiphone signature model in action at one of the evening concerts.

Tommy contacted us recently and had this to say about his new axe.

"When I was a teenage kid back in Portland, Oregon in the '70s I would look at the Les Pauls at the local guitar shop wall and dream that one day I might have one of my own to play -- never fathoming that I'd have my own signature model someday! Being in KISS for over 10 years now has taken me to that place. It's important for me to put my name on a professional guitar for serious musicians that sounds great, looks amazing and is affordable."

Epiphone Tommy Thayer Signature Les Paul