Why Paul Weller Broke Up the JamThe Jam will reissue a remastered box set of their last full-length album, The Gift, from 1982. It's the 30th anniversary of The Jam's swan song. Weller broke up the band when they were the UK's #1 act and the relationship between Jam members Bruce Foxton, Rick Buckler, and Weller remains frosty. The Gift featured one of Weller's classic hits, "A Town Called Malice."

"I’d been listening to a lot of soul music," Weller told NME. "So I was trying to incorporate some of that into what we were doing."

Margaret Thatcher's controversial term as Prime Minister inspired Weller into writing about the 'state-of-the-union', something many UK pop writers--including The Clash--had moved away from. "I was thinking about the times we were living in. It wasn’t the height of Thatcherism but she was well into her stride by that time," said Weller. "You couldn’t help but be touched by the politics of the time, you were either for or against it and I was reflecting what I saw around me."

Weller still plays his mid '60s Epiphone Casino and if you're lucky, he usually pulls out a few Jam songs at his shows. But not too many. And as for a Jam reunion, that's out of the question. If you missed the party, too bad. "I was right to break up the band. Reunions are cabaret."