Wylde In the Great White NorthZakk Wylde is on tour in Canada this fall and as usual, our Epiphone guitar-madman has had no trouble charming the press with heavy metal bon mots about fate, love, and the pursuit of metal. Recently Zakk and many other Epiphone artists were in London to celebrate the life and legacy of Jim Marshall, the founder of Marshall amplifiers (Zakk called him "Pops") and certainly the best friend a Les Paul guitar ever had.

"It would have been awesome if Pops would have hung in there and been there for the show last week. It’s an amazing story, going from that little music store to see what Marshall has become," Wylde told the Napanee Guide. "And he was always cool. We’d go to this little old restaurant around the corner from the factory, the whole band, and he’d hold court, just telling stories. And he’d be drinking his whiskey and smoking his stogies, and enjoying life.” Sounds like someone else we know.

Zakk has rescheduled his live "unplugged" DVD taping with Black Label Society for later this year. We'll keep you posted. And did you know that Jack Black's kids own Epiphone Zakk Wylde Bullseye Pee Wees? How cool is that?!

An editor got to this before we did. You can fill in the blanks.